Monday, July 9, 2007

Hmm, the blog won't let me title this. Anyways, I'm in Lander, WY. Wyoming is very windy. It makes doing anything over 80 miles pretty much impossible. Over the next two days we will have to climb about 4000 feet to get into the Tetons. Other than that, not much has been happening. This part of Wyoming is very open and desolate and generally boring. If it weren't for the nice mountains way off in the distance, I would hate it as much as Kansas. Since I don't have much else to add at this point, I'm going to reply to some of the comments I've gotten since the last post!
Uncle Ev- it was great talking with you on the 4th. Hot Sulphur Springs was nice and you're right; this area is gorgeous. I only wish I could swing down through Utah and visit Aunt Linda, Amanda and Ryan.
Mike- We're heading up into Grand Teton and Yellowstone this week. After that we'll be in West Yellowstone, MT and planning on heading straight across into Idaho and then re-meeting the trail in Baker City. Basically we wanted to cut off a large chunk that unneccesarily goes to Missoula. Any suggestions on the area would be appreciated!
Mom and Dad- the beach sounds like a blast for the 4th. I wish I could have teleported there and back or something. Please don't sell the house, I want to go be a bum there in August.
Dave- thanks for the belated offer of lodging, but no apologies are necessary! Your advice on the challenges to come were much appreciated; you were spot-on about Wyoming's windiness. I'll check out your blog, I hope you keep reading mine!
Kyle- awesome to hear from you bro...i've been wondering how your summer was going down in LA. I hope the job isn't stressing you too much. I'll be sure to get in touch once I've settled back down a bit and can possibly visit you (if you'll still be out there).
Thanks for the notes folks...miss you all very much! Stay tuned for the good stuff (Grand Tetons and Yellowstone!!!!)


Adrian said...

Hey man, I just looked up where you are and your progress is mind-blowing. Your photos are also continuously making me jealous. Enjoy the rest of your trip man, you'll miss it when you're done, come back safe.

robsdad said...

Rob (and Jacob and Rich), what's this stuff about cutting corners on your route/trip? No problem, we'll just supervise you guys doing compensatory laps around the Apex High School track when you get back.
Seriously, it is hard to believe that you have traveled such a long distance in such a short period of time. You guys are tough and very determined toward your goal! Enjoy the remainder of your trip and stay safe. Love, Dad

Mom said...

Rob, you know that the Grand Tetons means "Large Breasts" in French? We want to be sure you are staying fluent in French. Think about that while you ride.



evcuster said...

Rob, your Mom's Teton theory is a good one for encouragement on the tail end of your great adventure (as if you ever left Elkins). This is consistent with the RNR/LNR theory of bicycle incentivism. Watch the bears and Wyoming Cowpokes.Aunt Linda sends her love.

sellphone said...

sounds legit. Can't wait till you get back and we can do another trip to Sturgis with Uncle Jay

Mom said...


that is something in Swedish
Troy is home with cornrows- 5lbs lighter and 3 inches taller. has sampled many European Brews! 16 is the legal purchasing age! Only had I known...

Love, Mom

Dave T said...

Rob, here is a link to the TransAm route advice to skip montana and spend more time in say, Sun Valley Idaho. Maps and descriptions:

If I did the TA again I'd do this alternate to have some fun in Sun Valley.

keep um' rolling,

evcuster said...

Rob, I checked out all of the pics and blogs for you Jacob and Rich. Now I believe that you are not holed up in Elkins. The Tetons and Jenny Lake are a couple of the favorite places that Aunt Linda and I have been. But tell your buddies to respect any grizzly and where there is a juvenile bear the hungry and protective Mama is close by. It ain't no joke. And you remember that you do not have to outrun a bear - you only have to outrun whomever you are with. Aunt Linda is back from Utah and sends her love.

Michael said...

Well I think Im a little late to tell you my suggestion but I would take 789 to 26 to Shoshoni WY and then head up to Thermopolis and on to Cody. The ride is incredible bc its all through this huge canyon. Then come into Yellowstone on the East entrance and do the full loop coming out the South Entrance down to the Tetons. Stay there at least a day to hike... we didnt get to do that. Of course you have to grab a beer in Jackson. From Jackson take 22 into Idaho and in Idaho Falls get on 20 and take that and 26 across to Mountain Home. I think you could just take 20 straight out of West Yellowstone too though. That will take you right through Craters of the Moon and if you're willing to stay off the trail through Oregon Crater Lake is pretty amazing... one hell of a climb but worth it. Let me know what your plans are. Good luck and have fun!

Patrick R Chappell said...

Looked around for Auryn info (I wasn't even sure how to spell it, actually).

Auryn is an adaptation of two older image symbols, the "Ouroboros," ("Tail devourer" in Latin) drawn from classical times, and the "Jormungandr" from Norse myth. Later linked to mathematics (infinity symbol), alchemy, and Jungian/archetypal psychology. Roots run deep!

"Do what you wish" is written on the back of Atreyu's Auryn amulet necklace.

Here's a link to a decent pic:

Sarah said...

god I hope my mom isn't checking out those pictures of the Tetons. however, they are pretty awesome. hope you're being safe...can't wait to see you