Monday, July 16, 2007

The parks!

Hello from Ashton, Idaho. Since the last post we've been through the Tetons, hung out in Jackson for 2 days, back up through the Tetons, through Yellowstone and we are now in Idaho. Phew! It's been an excellent week filled with gorgeous scenery. I posted some of my photos while I was hanging out at some friendly strangers' apartment in Jackson and I'll post the rest when I'm not feeling so lazy. The Tetons and Yellowstone were pretty much as I had expected them; gorgeous and pretty easy riding, but totally overrun with tourists and way too many scary RVs. I really hate RVs. Jackson is still as cool a town as I remember, but now that I'm paying for everything (and not my Dad), the town seems alot more expensive. West Yellowstone is a giant tourist trap.
Idaho is state number 9. That is extremely exciting. I can't wait to see the Pacific after being in farmland and mountains for sooooo long. From here we are heading through Craters of the Moon National Monument and then probably north into the Sawtooth national forest area and then back west towards Oregon. Per Mike's suggestion, we may try to swing over to Crater Lake and then head northwards to reach Astoria. We'll figure that out as we get closer to Oregon I suppose. For now and the next few days, the goal is Craters of the Moon and then possibly Ketchum/Sun Valley. After seeing all these ski resorts, I'm getting the itch mighty bad. Better figure out how to make some good money when I get home to pay for all these ski trips I want to take!!
Anyways, I lost Jacob and Rich somewhere today, so I'm going to head back out into the wonderful 93 degree heat to search for them. Good thing Ashton isn't a very big town!


Mom said...

Yeah, looks like you are at the height of Tourist Season ! Judging by the crowd that has gathered to watch the cowboys brawl. Enjoyed the pictures. Brought back some good memories. Let's plan a family adventure.

Kisses, Mom

evcuster said...

Maybe RV's hate bicycles. That's what makes the world go round. Maybe there is potato beer in Idaho. Stant said that Craters of the Moon was windy and his tent got destroyed there. Aunt Linda sends her love.

robsdad said...

Rob, i didn't want to tell you this until you were our of Yellowstone and Grand Teton (i didn't want to scare you), but beware of the legend of the Woman in the Light Blue Parka. Her spirit is said to wander the Jenny Lake Campground (in particular, although she has been sighted at other locations) with a frowning demeanor on unseasonably cold summer mornings. If she sees her shadow, you will have 6 more weeks of 93 degree weather for pedaling. Be glad you did not run into her this trip! LOL, Dad.

Michael said...

I hear you on the ski itch... let me know if youre going to follow in my footsteps again and i can hook you up with an amazing job in vail

Rob said...

Haha, mike...tempting...vail is pretty much my favorite resort I've been to yet!

Pat said...

Hey Rob!
Potato beer in Idaho?
"Woman in the light blue parka"?...

Such imagination(?) in one family!!!

Enjoyed the beautiful pictures (Tetons, lakes, sunsets)...makes you forget all about the "comforts of home" when you are surrounded by the "natural beauty" of the West! (RV's excluded)...That's living!

Ride on!!!

love aunt pat

sarah said...

Hey Rob! I've been following your trip since the beginning and wanted to say hey:) your trip sounds amazing...i'm extremely jealous! i miss you...we should get together when you come back this way. keep having fun sweetie.
sarah masters

Ken said...

Hey Clites,

Good to hear the bike trip is going well, really liked the pictures. Probably would have posted a few more comments, but didn't find out about the blog until talking to Mike a couple days ago. Definitely head over to Crater Lake if you can make it, it was definitely one of the most beautiful places we saw. Its a good climb too and by the time you get to the top it gets pretty cold and there will still be some snow on the ground. Plus its a nice ride into the lake and after it's a real fun downhill for a long time. I also hope you're enjoying the mosquitoes in Idaho, they were a bit ridiculous when we were there. When are you getting back? Enjoy the rest of the trip and watch out for birds of prey, they can really be a bit aggressive towards bikers