Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Sweet Oregon

Greetings from Sisters, Or. We're just stopping in the library here to do some quick "bidness" before we crank it over our last major climb of the trip (hurrah!). McKenzie Pass is roughly 1200 feet of elevation in 4 miles. Phew. At least going down the other side will be fun. Last night we goofed around in Bend, Or which is touted as the "gateway to outdoor sports" or something. There are 29 golf courses in the area as well as 2 ski mountains and plenty of fly-fishing, rock-climbing, mountainbiking and hiking. I was considering this one of the places I may move to in the future, but it seems more sprawling than I would like (reminds me of Cary!). Regardless, it is a nice town with a beautiful park and 3 great breweries.
Today we'll be camping just down the other side of the pass and then tomorrow its onwards to Eugene. I've heard good things about Eugene and it being a college town, we may spend an extra day there to explore/mingle. Rich is extremely antsy to see the ocean, so he's been talking of going ahead without us if we decide to stay a day in Eugene. I don't see what one day matters after 2 months, but to each his own!
I'm extremely excited for the wind-down portion of the trip. We're about a week ahead of schedule, so we can take an extremely relaxed pace up the coast. What a blessing, because there is alot I'd like to see and do. The dunes south of Florence are where they supposedly filmed a section of Star Wars, Newport is a cool town that is home to Rogue Brewing Company, Tillamook has a famous cheese factory and Astoria should be pretty nice. Not to mention I'd like to indulge in some seafood along the way.
Hopefully we won't arrive in Portland too early because I imagine after 3 or 4 days there Jake and I will either start to get bored or be completely broke! Either way, I'm looking forward to checking the city out.
That is about all for now, I'll try to update tomorrow afternoon or Monday in Eugene or Florence. Hope the summer is treating you all well!


Mom said...

Breweries, Distilleries and Pubs.. A town's merit is judged by it's breweries and or wineries...maybe you are on to something and could cover that angle for Forbes magazine.. anyways, be charming and Pam's sister in-law will take you in in Portland...

Lots of Love , Mom

Sarah said...

I Talked with my sister in law in Portland and she and her husband would love to offer a hot shower etc. They live in the city in a really cool spot...very steep!Don't want to put the info on the blog so get in touch with your mom for ninas and nicks address and phone numbers. Happy trails...Pam Davis

evcuster said...

Don't get gunk in your gas tank on the west coast.

Bishop Sensei said...

Glad to see you're still alive! Finally made it to Tokyo yesterday evening (around 4am eastern time). I'm exhausted, but having an awesome time. I'm keeping a blog too, so checkitout. Now I'm off to get hammered with my new prefecture mates at a $25 all-you-can-drink bar. Huzzah!


Mom said...

Nick Smith's Mother's brother lives in Troy !!

Love Mom

Adrian said...

Hey man, can't believe you guys are almost there, that is fucking awesome. I'm moving out of our house here in CH right now and it sucks, a lot. I got your postcard yesterday and it got me really psyched for the winter. Enjoy the rest of your trip man, I'll see ya in not too long.

Mom said...

Ironic that you were at Cape Lookout, Oregon on Friday and we were at Cape Lookout, NC on Sunday. It was beach perfect..we saw a group of porpoise and 4 wild ponies at Shackelford...the water had a slight aqua to it and it was hot and sunny.
I stepped on an oyster and also a nest of fire, I am hobbling around.. if you want to cancel that party on the that you can head straight down East ..let me know. You probably don't want to hang out around here. Will pick you up at the airport even though it is past my official bedtime..
Love, mom